Surprisingly Non-Vegetarian Foods!

So as you may know if you’ve read my previous blog post is that I’m a vegetarian and have only been on this diet for eight months. At the beginning I was eating all food except meat pretty much, unaware that I was still eating animal product. I’m sure if you’ve been vegetarian long enough you may think I’m stupid but I genuinely had no clue as to what I was eating because I never looked at the ingredients. So this post is for you new vegetarians that may not know what food is actually not suitable for you! Continue reading “Surprisingly Non-Vegetarian Foods!”


Introducing myself!


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I’m an English 21 year old girl with a passion for fashion… haha, no pun intended! I love looking at the latest trends and picking outfits that don’t break my bank! My personal style goes from one extreme to another on a daily basis. I can be lounging in a hoodie and trainers, then the next day be ordering myself a cute skirt because I’m on a girly vibe, to then rocking an edgy outfit with skulls, leather and skinny jeans! I love trying different styles to go with my mood. Continue reading “Introducing myself!”