Introducing myself!


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I’m an English 21 year old girl with a passion for fashion… haha, no pun intended! I love looking at the latest trends and picking outfits that don’t break my bank! My personal style goes from one extreme to another on a daily basis. I can be lounging in a hoodie and trainers, then the next day be ordering myself a cute skirt because I’m on a girly vibe, to then rocking an edgy outfit with skulls, leather and skinny jeans! I love trying different styles to go with my mood.

My second passion is make up… love the stuff but not necessarily great at it. Don’t get me wrong I will never leave the house unless I’m all blended but when it comes to trying the latest eye shadow trends, I look like I’ve been punched in the face by Conor McGregor himself! I’m practicing and believe I will get there one day, I just stick to light colors on my eyes for now as I can work with that. I’m currently replacing all my make up products with brands that don’t test on animals, its taking me a while as it gets expensive so I can’t do it all at once. Which then gets me on to my third passion, animals!

I have 6 pets, two dogs, two guinea pigs, a rabbit and a hamster. I adore each and every one of them with their cuteness and unique personalities. I am all for being the voice for the furry beings that can’t speak for themselves. My dream job would be a career animal related, anything from working in a zoo to a vet. I am a vegetarian, going eight months strong, and I am quite shocked how many food products contain animal ingredients that I would never have dreamed of, also means I am still learning. I will most likely do a blog post on that as I found that very interesting.

My final passion is baking! My Nan taught me to bake when I was around ten years old with packet mixes. Then one weekend she had forgot to get me one and as it was a weekly thing to bake she was determined to let me do my weekend hobby. So off in the pantry she goes getting flour, eggs, sugar, jam basically everything I needed to make a simple victoria sponge. This was my first cake from scratch and when it came out of the oven looking and tasting better than those packet mixes I knew I’d found a talent! I now bake on a regular basis and love offering people a slice of cake, a cupcake or a cookie and listening to their compliments and taking them in. I am not a bragger in any way but I have to admit I love my baking and am currently making my own recipes as I want to publish a book!

So from my interests I’m sure you can guess what kind of posts I will be posting on my blog! Thank you for reading & bare with me while I get used to this blogging malarkey! 🙂


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