Surprisingly Non-Vegetarian Foods!

So as you may know if you’ve read my previous blog post is that I’m a vegetarian and have only been on this diet for eight months. At the beginning I was eating all food except meat pretty much, unaware that I was still eating animal product. I’m sure if you’ve been vegetarian long enough you may think I’m stupid but I genuinely had no clue as to what I was eating because I never looked at the ingredients. So this post is for you new vegetarians that may not know what food is actually not suitable for you!

  • So firstly what I quickly learnt was that I wasn’t able to eat marshmallows! This one was quite an obvious one that I kind of forgot about. Marshmallows contain gelatine, just like most Jellies. I am aware there are vegetarian alternatives to marshmallows though I haven’t come across any yet, I also know that marshmallow fluff is also vegetarian. For Jellies I look for ones made with pectin instead of gelatine!
  • Second one I came to quickly learn about is to be careful about cheeses! Many cheeses contain animal rennet for example Parmesan, which I used to cook with a lot! All you have to do is read the ingredients and it should state animal rennet and if it hasn’t got that animal product in, then it should state that it is vegetarian! I haven’t came across a vegetarian Parmesan yet but I have came across suitable Italian hard cheeses which I just substitute it with though it changes the flavour a tad!
  • Next is actually a quite surprising one to me is ice cream. Also contains animal rennet! There are many brands that don’t use this animal product like Ben and Jerry’s (personal fave 😛) but brands like Nestle you have to be careful about!
  • Another surprising one was chocolate, I haven’t actually came across a non-vegetarian chocolate yet but I’m aware they exist. I’m pretty sure it is animal rennet that some chocolates contain.
  • Next one to be careful about is food colouring. So if you’re buying food colouring or buying any food dyed pink or red check the ingredients! This one seriously annoys me as it is pointless as there are alternatives to food colouring. So some red food colouring contain E120 / carmine dye, which is what to look for on the ingredients as this is a dye derived from insects (crushed beetle shells I believe). I found this in a lot of strawberry milkshakes!
  • Another one to look out for is frozen chips. These are partially cooked usually and they may be cooked in beef fat to add flavour! Just again check the ingredients and it should have a V symbol at the front if it is veggie!
  • Last one I can think of is sadly many gummy sweets, like jelly bears, wine gums and haribos, all contain gelatine! There are many sweets that taste just as good that are vegetarian and usually they are the cheaper ones which is a bonus!!

I hoped this helped anyone even if it’s just one person. If you’ve noticed I’ve missed anything out please comment below I will be sure to add it in! Thank you 😊

– AliCat xx


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