Zoeva Rose Golden Palette Review

img_3914This palette is my all time favorite, purely because there is not one color I wouldn’t use which you don’t usually get in a palette! This palette has the most beautiful shades, I have never loved a make up piece as much as I love this product. At only £18 for ten gorgeous shades this palette is a no brainer!

The pigment in these shadows are insane! For light shades I usually find that I have to build the shadow to get the desired look, but no, one swipe of the shadow you have the most beautiful color pay off! They are very creamy and blend seamlessly! I think this product is perfect for those who don’t like heavy eye make up as the shades are so pretty and feminine. I will get round to posting a swatch photo as the picture on this post does not do the colors justice.img_3919.jpg

Now the only con I have with this product is the packaging. It is a cardboard like packaging which makes it extremely easy to damage as you can see from the first photo the corners have worn already. If your anything like me, I love my make up looking pretty, though this isn’t important for most people. Also when I received this product it came with the exact same design sleeve so it looked almost identical to the first photo, as I tried getting the sleeve off it didn’t slide out as you’d expect, I had to rip open the sleeve to get in which was disappointing as it would have been nice to keep the sleeve as the closing magnet isn’t strong at all.

Overall I believe this brand isn’t rated enough, I’d hardly heard of this brand until I had this palette given me as a gift! I would definitely recommend anyone to get this affordable make up must have, they do other palettes with different shades which I imagine are just as beautiful. Thank you for reading ❤

– AliCat xx

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