Are Louboutins Worth The Money?

The answer to this is… It is completely down to you! If you’re buying them for work, clubbing or anything that involves being on your feet for a while, then think again, as these shoes will cripple your feet. If you’re buying them to wear for dinners, dates or anywhere you will be sat down a lot then go ahead just take a pair of comfy shoes with you just in case.

My boyfriend got me a pair of Louboutins ‘Iriza 100 Patent’ in black for my birthday as a surprise! At first I had a size 36.5 which were extremely too big so I went down to the 36 and they fit perfectly in length but they are very tight around the toe box so they pinch at my feet which after five minutes gets very uncomfortable! I love these shoes as I have always longed for a pair of Louboutins, so sending them back was a big fat no as I will put up with the pain or come up with a solution!

Iriza Patent 100 – £470.00

They look gorgeous on, so feminine and ultra sexy! I love them and am determined to find a solution to make them somewhat comfortable to wear. Christian Louboutin himself has admitted to his shoes being uncomfortable stating that he creates shoes on design not comfort. In a Vogue interview he says:

“I have been misquoted,” he told us. “People say I am the king of painful shoes. I don’t want to create painful shoes, but it is not my job to create something comfortable. I try to make high heels as comfortable as they can be, but my priority is design, beauty and sexiness. I’m not against them, but comfort is not my focus.”  http://www.vogue.co.uk/article/christian-louboutin-painful-shoes-comfortable-shoes

I have done my research and found many other Louboutin owners have had the same experience, some have either sold them, sent them back or brought the size up. However, I definitely want to keep mine and will not be getting the size up as that sounds absurd to me as that will cause more problems in the long run! I have read that some ladies stretch their shoes either at a shoe shop or they buy a cedar wood shoe stretcher, so this is one thing I’m going to try, I just need to find a place that stretches shoes and is a reputable company to leave my babies with!

So overall I would recommend you try them on and get your size perfect (they still may be tight) then if you love them that much buy them and have them stretched. Honestly, I adore my heels they are the most gorgeous heels I have ever owned and the red bottoms just makes them stand out. I will update this post when I have had my heels stretched and hopefully it has made them more comfortable!

– AliCat xx

Red Bottoms – I still have the stickers on the bottom of the shoes. Lol

7 thoughts on “Are Louboutins Worth The Money?

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  2. Well that is such a lovely present to get! I totally get why you would want to keep them, and I have the same problem with Loubis being too narrow which really has put me off from buying them for myself. Also I notice these are patent leather, I have been warned by my friends at Rupert Sanderson that the way patent is finished causes the leather to be weaker, and stretching may cause them to crack, and has happened to me on a pair of nearly new Zanottis I had. If stretching is needed, I highly recommend if it’s still possible to make an exchange to swap these for something naturally stretchable in suede, calfskin or kid leather.

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    1. Omg, I am so glad you warned me not to stretch them, I had no idea! Unfortunately I can’t swap them, I will just make do with wearing them in naturally with my feet and just coping with the sores! Hopefully the material softens, I don’t really know much about different leathers and how they work. I would never go out somewhere where I know I will be on my feet most of the night so maybe that will help me cope better. Thank you so much, I would of been heartbroken if I’d have ruined them as I know my boyfriend saved a lot to get me them as he hasn’t got a lot of money but wanted to spoil me as I’d had a really rough couple of months! Again Thank you and thank you for taking your time to read my post 🙂 !


      1. It’s a very interesting title, I love my shoes so naturally I had to read it. I’m very grateful to the team at Rupert Sanderson for taking the time to answer my endless silly questions. Luxury shoes like these Loubis will break in, have faith though as patent is stiffer and takes longer. Also one of the managers at Rupert Sanderson claims her feet gain two sizes on a warm summer day, so watch out for that phenomenon too.

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      2. You are so helpful ! I know that some peoples feet swell in the heat, I think mine do a little. Mine mostly swell in the cold weirdly! I completely forgot about this so will take this into consideration thank you! Luckily though the English summer nights are cooler which is when I will be most likely to wear my heels! & any help I can get regarding luxury shoes is a massive help as I don’t usually own or know anybody that owns expensive shoes as we just can’t afford them being young and starting work / being a student, so its hard to find other peoples opinions!


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