Are Morphe Palettes Overrated?


My answer to this.. NO! I would scream and shout about morphe palettes if I could. They are affordable yet such good quality! I only own one palette and that is the 35T taupe palette, they come with 35 shades and the price ranges from around £20 – £24 depending on where you purchase them from.

There is always going to be some shades in a palette that are not your cup of tea, but for £20 with a choice out of 35 shadows, I am sure you can spare a few. Unlike paying £40 for a Naked Palette and only using 12 shades (that’s if you even like them all!) I can promise you the quality is there with the Morphe shadows, they are so pigmented and so easy to blend, I swear by them. I will be taking photos of swatches to put on this post soon.img_3911

The only con for me personally would be the packaging. I would not trust this palette to travel well as the packaging is made out of plastic and being such a large product it makes the whole thing a tad flimsy. It is not the most luxurious of packaging either though it does look professional and is practical as it is smooth so it is easily wiped clean as the black can get grubby with make up finger marks. Other than packaging, (which btw isn’t the worst) I have nothing negative to say about this product.

So over all, I would highly recommend anyone to purchase these palettes, there is literally a palette to suit everyone from skin tones to personal preference. I just hope Morphe don’t put their prices up and take advantage of the high demand for their palettes like most companies do. It would take the shine away as one of the main pro’s is the palette being so affordable! Cant wait to order my next palette, Thank you for reading !!! ❤

– AliCat xx


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