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Primark Make Up Removers | Tested

So I’ve walked past the Primark isle of beauty and make up so many times and the last time I visited the store I made myself have a look at what was there. So I first noticed the Micellar water and I’ve seen the trend around the beauty world with different Micellar waters but it had never really interested me as they’ve always been a waste of money in my mind. However, I saw the product in Primark for only £2.00 and thought it is worth a try for such little money. I also then saw the eye make up remover next to it so added that to my basket too. 

This is a little information about my skin and what I put on in my daily make up routine to give you more idea of how this product works and how good it is. So I have extremely dry, sensitive skin, sensitive especially around my eye area with almost all products making my skin sore and stingy. I also find every time I remove my make up or come out the shower if I don’t put on moisturizer within two minutes of drying my face the skin all around my nose and cheeks and forehead starts to feel extremely tight and starts to peel. I’ve always struggled with dry skin and tried many products to help but nothing really helps. (If you have any tips for me please comment!) The make up I wear daily is a medium coverage foundation, a little concealer, bronzer, blush and contour, a tiny bit of brow product, highlighter and some water proof mascara.

Pineapple Jewelry Dish – Primark Sale – £2 , Boux Avenue Candle – Gift, estimate £10

I was so excited to try this product as I LOVE removing my make up at the end of the day, though I adore wearing make up and feeling beautiful I can honestly say I hate the feeling of make up on my skin. I first used the Micellar Cleansing Water to remove all make up except eye make up and used this product on round cotton wool pads. I used circular motions gently making sure not to tug the skin and was very careful as my skin is extremely sensitive. It removed my make up nicely but I did have to use around four/five pads which is pretty average for me. I then went onto use the eye make up remover, you have to really shake this product as the liquids separate when standing as you can see from the picture but it mixes nicely with a couple of shakes which is no problem at all. Bare in mind I had waterproof mascara and usually when I remove my eye make up I end up with sore eyes as my mascara is stubborn and doesn’t want to budge. The only way I can describe this product is that it kind of melted my mascara away, I found the best way to use this was to put the product onto a cotton pad and hold it on my eye for about ten seconds and let the product do its thing melting away my mascara then gently in circular motions, rub away the eye make up until it is all gone. I did find that the first time I felt a burning sensation around my eye as my skin is the most sensitive in this area but the next few times I’ve used this product I’ve been a little more gentle and haven’t experienced this again. If I go to sleep in even the littlest amount of make up, maybe accidentally left some behind from when I’ve removed my make up, I can guarantee I will wake up with at least two spots.

Now onto the review of the actual product. Both products did their job and I can honestly say they exceeded my expectations! Now as I said earlier if I don’t moisturize straight away after cleansing my face, my skin usually goes extremely dry literally abnormally dry, however, when I used this product the first time I didn’t moisturize to see how much the products would dehydrate my skin but my skin felt super soft almost better than when I usually moisturize. So for dry skin people, I would highly suggest getting these products if you are on a budget. After I removed all my make up, I took one last cotton pad with Micellar water and went over my whole face just to make sure there was no product left behind and my skin felt so clean and fresh also didn’t wake up feeling greasy which I usually find as I’ve accidentally left hidden product behind.

Although I was skeptical about these products and just thought maybe they were too good to be true as the prices were super cheap, I couldn’t fault these products at all. I would highly recommend you to try them at these prices you have nothing to lose and I can vouch that you will love them especially if you are on a budget and can’t afford great make up removers and are pretty lazy with removing your make up. This is so quick and easy and leaves you feeling fresh and cleansed which I love before bed especially and also a quick freshen up in the morning if I am in a rush.

Micellar Cleansing Water, Rose & Vitamin E, Suitable for all skin types, 430ml – £2.00

Eye Make Up Remover, Contains Cucumber, Suitable for all skin types, 150ml – £1.50

A couple of other Primark buys

 So I’ve been after a fruit infuser water bottle for ages as I only drink water and its getting a little boring now. I found one in Primark for £4 exactly the same as the one I was about to purchase from a site called for £9.99 and that is in the sale it was £19.99!! I purchased mine in a bright green as this is my favorite color at the moment but Primark do other colors, pink, purple, white and that is all I can remember. I put frozen mixed berried in mine to keep my water cool for as long as possible and also flavor my drink.

I also purchased an LED light flamingo as I am currently in the midst of redecorating my room as at the moment it is black and I am looking for some brightness to make my room cheery. And at the moment I am really into the tropical jungle theme which this light matches perfectly. For only £10 I literally fell in love when I first saw it but never bought it but as it never left my mind I went back and purchased it as I know I’d of been gutted if it had sold out.

LED light – £10 Primark Home , Fruit Infuser Water Bottle – £4

Thanks for reading I will definitely do more Primark posts as it is fast becoming my favorite shop!

-AliCat x

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