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Primark Make Up Removers | Tested

So I’ve walked past the Primark isle of beauty and make up so many times and the last time I visited the store I made myself have a look at what was there. So I first noticed the Micellar water and I’ve seen the trend around the beauty world with different Micellar waters but it had never really interested me as they’ve always been a waste of money in my mind. However, I saw the product in Primark for only £2.00 and thought it is worth a try for such little money. I also then saw the eye make up remover next to it so added that to my basket too.  Continue reading “Primark Make Up Removers | Tested”


Are Louboutins Worth The Money?

The answer to this is… It is completely down to you! If you’re buying them for work, clubbing or anything that involves being on your feet for a while, then think again, as these shoes will cripple your feet. If you’re buying them to wear for dinners, dates or anywhere you will be sat down a lot then go ahead just take a pair of comfy shoes with you just in case. Continue reading “Are Louboutins Worth The Money?”